Miner Arena

MINER ARENA is AI-POWERED NFT Survival-Action (P2P-P2E) ecosystem based on BSC

Miner Arena Features

Trade $MINAR token for gamepass and interact with game features

Miners will able to dig and find places in the game and earn $MINAR through digging and finding treasures

Miner Arena will be a land of earning opportunities for Miners. Following the IDO, NFT’s will be made available for miner to purchase. Other opportunities will consist of passive earning, referrals and advertising.

Users can come and making a profit with playing the game. Winners from the battles share % of all pooled fees, commissions and revenues.

Miner Arena RoadMap

The new road map will be updated within 6 months.


  • Website Setup
  • Social Media accounts created
  • Gameplay and character design
  • Smart contract interaction setup
  • Private sale for early investors
  • Partnership agreements with gaming and crypto industry
  • Purchase $Minar directly with fiat and Dex platforms


  • IGO launch
  • Publishing all 3D works
  • Nft smart contracts launch
  • Gaming Platform Alpha launch


  • Platform V1 launch
  • Nft Characters and Marketplace publish
  • Purchase $Minar directly with fiat and Dex platforms
  • Gaming Platform Alpha launch

2024 Q1

  • Full platform Launch
  • Adoptions with external platform wallets
  • Minar mobile app publish
  • Gaming Platform Beta Release
  • Trading system launch
  • NFT Creator Tool
  • Preliminary work for the new game

Miner Arena Team



Founder & CTO


CFO & Co-Founder

Ali Cecci



Game Project Manager


Game Designer


UI -UX Designer


Front Devoloper


3D Designer


Blockchain Designer


Social Media Manager


Content Creator


Backend Developer


Backend Developer


Graphic Designer




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